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Licence Agreement

Scope of licence

This licence allows the user to install and use the TICKET WIZARD software program solely on a single computer. The user should not transfer, sell or assign the product or it's components to another party without written consent from VGSL. The product may be transferred from one computer to another providing there are no active copies of the program on the original computer system. The user may copy the program for installation and backup purposes only.

Proprietary rights

The product and documentation are proprietary products of VGSL and are protected by copyright law. By accepting this Licence Agreement the user acquires only the non-exclusive right to use the product. The Intellectual Property Rights associated with the product remain with VGSL.


If either the software or the User Guide are found to be physically defective, VGSL will replace it free of charge during the 90 day warranty period. VGSL does not warrant that there are no discrepancies between the TICKET WIZARD software and the ELECTRONIC USER GUIDE, nor that any errors cannot arise during use of the product.

Limitation of liability

The liability of VGSL for any damages incurred during the use of the TICKET WIZARD software shall be limited to the actual amount paid for the product, and shall not include any incidental or consequential damages of any kind.

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